Level Select Update And... Short Roadmap

Hello, and welcome to the newest update to CRUN, where things became a bit easier to use today. Last Devlog I mentioned fixing the music settings placement, adding new levels, and adding a level select. Well, all of those things came true in this update.


-Fixed Music settings placement

-New level select screen accomadates a large amount of levels, improving the scalability of the game and fiding a specific 

-New level, bringing the total to eight


So far I have not had a clear path of where I want to take CRUN. Eventually I would like to take the out of the browser and make an installable version, but while this is currently possible, the game's size doesn't yet warrant that change. When a few of the following improvements have been made, maybe this could happen.

-More In-depth settings

-Cleaner UI


-Better Music

-More Content

-More mechanics such as:

       -Obstacles with AI

      -Customizable cube

      - Limited ability to change perspective

       -High score tracker

      -Failure Conditions

     And more.

Thank you, and have a good day.



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Sep 03, 2017

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